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Our school stands out for the individual and personalised attention each of our students gets. This personalised care programme is based on the following pillars:


Educational model

Our educational model is based on fostering responsibility, autonomy, effort and a drive for self-improvement in each student so they can fully develop both at the personal and academic levels, and each child can grow, be happy and contribute to creating a better society. To this end, we believe it is essential to educate healthy, free, critical, creative, responsible and respectful people who are capable of designing their own destiny.

Legamar International School Student Profile
Learning Styles


With the students as the axis of the teaching-learning process, who must be respected and adequately attended to in terms of their personal and educational needs, considering the knowledge and skills they already possess.

Constructive critic

From an open and global vision of the world around them, students develop a critical, creative and intellectually curious spirit.


Working in teams, students achieve both individual and shared learning goals and objectives, taking responsibility for their own development as well as that of the team members. The teachers assume the role of directing, energizing or guiding the process, with the students being the protagonists at all times.

Emotional Partner

Through the development of their emotional intelligence, students are able to identify and manage their own and other people's emotions, allowing the development of an adequate socio-affective environment.

Methodological Principles

The teacher is a facilitator of the student's learning.

Fostering and promoting connected and contextualised learning.

Encouraging the positive use of ICT and applies other active learning strategies: Service-Learning, Flipped Classroom, PBL, Design Thinking, Cooperative Learning as essential tools in today's school context.

Promoting learning through projects, believing that students are proactive and in charge of their own learning.

The school encourages environmental awareness and solidarity, which becomes legitimised as service-learning, seeking practical knowledge that makes the student the main agent in their own learning.


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