Colegio Legamar was founded in 1981 by a group of professionals committed to education and whose objective was to develop a prestigious educational project in the area south of Madrid. Our centre began its life as a teachers’ cooperative, basing its teaching on forming active, autonomous and committed people.

Leganés is the town of the Madrid Autonomous Community that we belong to, but we are close to Fuenlabrada and Getafe and the majority of our students come from these three municipal areas.

The name of our school, Legamar, could be literally translated as something related to a silt. It comes from the old name of the current town of Leganés, which also refers to silt. In 1280 under the reign of Alfonso X the Wise, people from neighbouring villages settled near a silt area, and this area came to be known as Legamar. In time, this name became the current one of Leganés.

The development of our career path is reflected in a Centre where education is offered at all levels and the process of learning is possible thanks to the professionals that make up our educational community and the facilities that have been developed over the passing of time, bringing together experience and innovation. Thanks to these factors, Colegio Legamar is proud to offer a comprehensive and all-round education for the student.