Colegio Legamar is a private and non-denominational educational institution that covers all education stages -Infants, Primary and Secondary- that was founded by a group of socially aware teaching professionals committed to developing a prestigious educational project in the south area of Madrid.

Our educational project is based on encouraging responsibility, effort, and the desire to better oneself for each student so that they can achieve their own personal and academic fulfilment through personalised attention and monitoring, and with a focus on diversity, in continuous contact with the families.

The community is thus committed to fostering an environment of conviviality based on the excitement of learning and teaching, in other words, of educating, and is leveraged in mutual respect which sustains our social and philosophical endeavour. We understand that the school is a place for learning both cooperation and democracy; it is the place where citizenry is created.

Vision/Principals and Objectives

The pillars of our educational project are built on values and academic excellence, understanding that this will provide our students with the necessary tools and resources to face the reality of life and their circumstances, so that they are able to go forwards into the future with hope and perspective.


Our Educational Community understands that the skills a person acquires during their education must include autonomy and responsibility. By autonomy we understand an individual disposition to take the necessary decisions for one’s personal development and by responsibility we understand a commitment to oneself, to others and to the world around us in order to successfully achieve one’s academic and individual goals.

Colegio Legamar offers high quality educational services through the commitment of its teaching team to continuously revise and renew the teaching-learning process, which is based on the following aspects:

  • To develop the maximum academic potential of each one of our students, thus allowing them to access further education that reflects their personal vocation.
  • A commitment to the internationalisation of our students.
    • Multilingual project: the learning of different languages is an educational objective which stimulates the comprehensive and academic development of our students. This objective has encouraged us to offer bilingualism from Infants and to extend it from Primary Education with French and German.
    • Cultural exchange project: a globalised society requires citizens able to manage this globalisation, with language being an indispensable tool to find one’s way around, communicate and learn. This is why we provide our students with exchanges through agreements with other centres and institutions abroad.
    • Collaborative projects with other foreign centres: all the above means that there is a greater need for multilingual and multicultural contact that the student needs to be prepared for. The school promotes international projects with students of other nationalities.
    • Spanish Immersion programme: the incorporation of foreign students into the school.
  • Commitment to innovation in methodology: The Information Society requires citizens capable of transforming data into knowledge, emotion into thought and participation into group action, and this is why the school is based upon its own principals of methodology.
    The principals of methodology that are applied at Colegio Legamar are:
    • To develop a project based on multiple intelligence principles in the implementation of the methodology of the centre
    • The school understands that the teacher is the student’s learning companion
    • The school encourages cooperative and contextualised learning
    • The school incentivises the use of ITCs as essential methodology tools in current society.
    • The school encourages its students to learn through projects, as it is understood that the students are proactive and play a leading role in their own learning.
  • Commitment to the emotional health of our students attending to their requirements through the implementation of certain programmes
    • Tutorial action programme
    • Health and safety in Infant Education
    • Health education programmes
  • Social commitment through various solidarity projects.
    A modern educational centre, committed and immersed in real social life, should direct part of its educational work towards building a more fair society. For that reason, Colegio Legamar collaborates with and organizes various solidarity projects, supporting different educational, cultural and social institutions in the public and private sector and thus encouraging the social progress of our local, national and international environment.
    Our general goal is that our students grow up, from infancy, immersed in these projects and social programmes and that this will enable them to see reality and its experiences from close up, as well as to know and share those realities that are far away, thus completing the comprehensive educational circle which our vision proposes.

Commitment to the development of environmental sustainability. Colegio Legamar promotes the use of resources so as to conserve the environment in daily life and to be fully committed to future generations in all the educational stages of their lives.