Primary education

Primary education is the further stage of teaching during which the bases for solid learning are built, fundamental to achieve success at school. It is therefore important that students, in these first years, acquire the knowledge, skills and the good habits that will allow them to subsequently deepen their different specialist fields.

At our school, we guarantee a comprehensive training which contributes to the full development of personality and which prepares for a successful next stage; Obligatory Secondary Education.

During this time, we encourage emotional and social skills which are so important at this age, as well as acknowledging and supporting the diversity of students in all of their requirements.

As Colegio Legamar Primary Education Teachers, we work as a team to achieve the goals set out above, coordinated amongst ourselves and with the Teacher team from the Infants and Secondary Education stages. This enables us to maintain a common and continuous thought pattern regarding our daily tasks and the appropriateness of our methodology to the needs of the students and to the constant challenge of teaching innovation with which we are committed.

Tutorial Action

The tutors hold periodic meetings with the families where they discuss the way in which the personal effort of the student may be optimised and where they attend to the problems that come up within the school, personal and/or family environment during the course of the year.

Multilingual programme

Our Spanish/English bilingual teaching programme is backed by the BEDA programme and also by the CAM for certain subjects that are taught in English within our own Centre Project, where level III has already been reached - Bilingual Excellence Model (resolution of 25 September 2015).

At the Primary Education stage, our students are preparing for the Cambridge exams: Movers, Flyers, Pet and further ahead, First and Advanced Certificate. In order to optimise language immersion students may take part in Exchange programmes, either during term time or during the summer, and also in non-residential camps in England and sports programmes at the centre itself, run by King’s College International.

To this end, as of the first year of Primary Education up to the Baccalaureate Education students may learn a second language, either French or German, during school time and also Chinese as an extracurricular activity.

Complementary Activities

Within the school timetable we also encourage participation in complementary, formative artistic activities: dance, music, theatre and sport: judo, skating, chess and fencing.

Extracurricular Activities

In order to complete the academic training of our students, promote the values of the centre and the acquisition of skills, the school offers a wide range of activities that are carried out in the afternoon when school has finished.

Guidance Department

The aim of the Guidance Department with Primary Education aget students is to prevent, detect and intervene in immaturity or learning difficulties, optimise a student’s capabilities and also provide support for behavioural and social problems.

  • Reading/writing: Primary Education age students receive attention within the school timetable and at the end of the year are given a personal report.
  • Speech therapy treatment: of an individual nature, the school provides this specific resource during non-school time.
  • It is also worth highlighting that the department does a lot of consulting work for teachers, such as:
    • consultation regarding the Tutorial Action Programme.
    • consultation regarding methodology and resources with respect to the diversity of the students.
    • consultation regarding reinforcement and/or amplified educational programmes.


Primary Education students start their school day at 8.45 and finish at 16.45. From the first to the fourth years in Primary Education there are four classes in the morning and two in the afternoon, whilst students in the fifth and sixth years have five classes in the morning and two in the afternoon.

An extended timetable is available until 17.20 with no added cost.