Secondary education

Colegio Legamar commits to providing its students with “the basic elements of culture, especially in the technological, scientific, artistic and humanistic aspects of such; the development and consolidation of study habits; the preparation for further studies and their entrance into work and training for the exercise of their rights and obligations in life as citizens”. (Decree of Obligatory Secondary Education 48/2015 of the Autonomous Community of Madrid).

Equally, Colegio Legamar commits to providing its students taking the Baccalaureate with training, human and intellectual maturity, knowledge and skills that will enable them to develop social functions and incorporate themselves into active life with responsibility and competence. It will therefore facilitate their proceeding to further studies. (Decree of Baccalaureate Education 52/2015 of the Autonomous Community of Madrid).

As Secondary Education Teachers at Colegio Legamar, we work as a team to achieve the goals set out above, coordinated amongst ourselves and with the Teacher team from the Primary Education stage. This enables us to maintain a common and continuous thought pattern regarding our daily tasks and the appropriateness of our methodology to the needs of the students and to the constant challenge posed by innovation in teaching techniques to which we are committed.

The various Teaching Departments programme the subjects with attention to the accuracy of content and providing a methodology that encourages the interaction between teacher and student and between the students themselves. This is based on learning through skills, with cooperative structures, the elaboration of projects and framing content within the natural context of the student.

In this way, activities are developed which contribute to learning, and are taught outside the classroom and the school centre. Furthermore, the interdisciplinary nature of different subjects in the same year is promoted, as well as the interaction between students in different educational stages of the centre.

The Secondary Education teaching team is aware of the important goal of educating our students at this stage in personal work, systematic effort and individual responsibility. These aspects are encouraged not only from the academic point of view but also from the personal and group perspective throughout the school day in the various activities that take place.

Colegio Legamar groups students together so as to form heterogeneous classes that aim to support the educational needs of each one. We establish adapted curricula for those diagnosed with learning difficulties, academic support plans for unmotivated students or those without good study habits, and re-sit plans for pending subjects and reports.

Academic and Professional Guidance

Academic and Professional Guidance is provided throughout Secondary Education with visits to various university campuses and to professional conferences, debates with old alumni, personal consultations with the Guidance Department and workshops regarding decision-making. A report is drawn up for each individual to help them choose amongst the academic options for the baccalaureate.

Tutorial Action

The tutors hold periodic meetings with the families where they discuss the way in which the personal effort of the student may be optimised and where they attend to the problems that come up within the school, personal and/or family environment during the course of the year.

This Tutorial Action would not happen without the contribution of all the elements making up the school, from the non-teaching staff who cook, oversee the canteen or keep the whole place clean, the entire teaching staff, those that give classes and those that don't, and, of course, the Guidance Department.

Multilingual Project

During Obligatory Secondary Education, the timetable of all English language classes is increased, groups based upon level of understanding are created, and some subjects are taught in English: Geography and History, Physical Education, and Universal Literature.

During this stage, our students will be preparing for the Cambridge exams: Pet, First and Advanced Certificate, and they will sit the second year of OSE (Obligatory Secondary Education), the fourth year of OSE, and second year of BTO (Baccalaureate) respectively, although each candidate will sit the exam when their preparation is deemed competent.

In order to foster language immersion, different kinds of exchanges with Canada, England and Finland are facilitated over the year, and the school coordinates, with other agencies, summer visits to different countries.

Our students go through OSE with knowledge of a second language (they choose between French and German as of the first years of Primary Education). From the first year of OSE they will be able to continue with one of them or start another one. Furthermore, they can also choose to learn either Italian or Mandarin Chinese during extracurricular activities.

Obligatory Secondary Education covers 4 years, with the last one being when the students must choose a direction either towards the baccalaureate or towards professional training. The majority of our students choose Non-Obligatory Secondary Education (BACCALAUREATE) with the intention of continuing to further education.

At Colegio Legamar we believe that a strong background in Spanish Language and Literature, Mathematics and English will result in success in other subjects and throughout the whole of Secondary Education. It is therefore for this reason that more emphasis is placed on these subjects in all the OSE years. At the end of each year, the students take global exams in these three subjects so that both students and teachers have to continuously revise the fundamentals of each one in order to establish a basis for knowledge and prepare a good revision plan.