Welcome Madeleine, Lindsay and Emma

Desde hoy hasta principios del mes de mayo, nos acompañan las alumnas canadienses de intercambio.


Sus primeras impresiones

On Sunday when I arrived at my host family´s hourse, Leyre was very welcoming. The whole family was very excited for me to be here and showed me around.

My first class at school was hard, the teacher was talking to me in Spanish and everyone was laughing that I didn´t understand. But it has improved a lot and I will learn more Spanish as the time goes on.



Flying over Spain for the first time, I noticed the fact that there is much more gold and yellow and patches of green whereas in Canada , especially at this time of year, it´s deep, dark greens and mostly white.

When our plane had landed, we had gotten to the hotel, I noticed how the people greet each other quite differently than in North America. So far, Spain isn´t what I expected it to be but so far I love it.



Mis primeros días en España so las mejores de mi vida! Todo es muy diferente de Canada. La comida está muy bien, especialmente los bocadillos y pimientos con bacalao. En recontar las personas nueva, es costumbre de donnar dos besos, izquierda en primero y derecha en secundo.

Es mi primero día en el Colegio Legamar. Es mas difícil que las esculas en Canada, perro todo es mundo son muy simpática.